Sam Rosenbaum at Global Sources Testimonial

Sam Rosenbaum testimonials

Amazing Testimonial of Samantha Rosenbaum from Eco-Friendly Sales speaking at Global Sources Summit this past April 2019. The Global Sources Summit is a 3-day conference for Amazon and other online sellers.

Samantha Rosenbaum teaches Amazon sellers and other online retailers how having eco-friendly products leads to more Gen Z sales.

Sam is a motivated Gen Z high schooler who’s passionate about sustainability and protecting the environment. Samantha is in all honors and advanced placement classes, studying and learning whenever she can. When Sam’s nose is not stuck in a book, she is fencing at Hofstra University or swimming for her school’s varsity team. Nothing can stop this teen from changing the world.

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ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS: Eco-friendly products are a smart strategic focus because they are also a touch point for Gen Z.

Samantha Rosenbaum, public speaker at Global Sources and Gen Z founder of consulting firm, advises retailers to:

“Focus on eco-friendly aspects. If you cannot make the product eco-friendly, make sure the packaging and accessories are eco-friendly. That is what my friends and I look for: eco-friendly, reusable and recycled goods.”

If you would like to meet Samantha Rosenbaum in person, or have her speak at your event, please call (212) 256-1109.

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